MAY 2010

1mod6 Custom Made 1/6 TDK Batsuit/armory Cage

by 1mod6

Time to kick start my new site and what better way to do that then with my latest custom.

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This is a project I thought would never see the day of light, at least not so soon, due to my financial situation. But at the beginning of the year, as luck may have it, I was contacted by Batman_taiwan who somehow knew what my next custom was going to be. He offered to sponsor me. I was honored

and really happy that I could proceed with this project. Soon after I started working on it, it became evident that the initial cost would be really high for only one person to cover. Therefore I had to get myself two more sponsors. Ro926 & Rishi were my first choice, and without hesitation they jumped on board. I was really happy to have sponsors who help me with not only financing the Batsuit/armory Cage, but they also ensured that I had everything I needed, Including getting me a Hot Toys Batman DX figure (for better measuring), a lot of DX sticky bomb guns (for the photo shoot) and even all the parts for my kitbashed Bruce Wayne (also for the photo shoot). What more can a guy ask :). Thanks again sponsors, without you guys, it just wouldn’t have been possible.

The Batsuit/armory Cage is a really complex piece. It makes the batsignal feels like a walk in the park :lol. It’s also a lot bigger than the batsignal; about 1.5x the height of the batsignal. But I like complex stuff, so it was a nice project to work on. It was a lot of work, but the end results makes it all worth it. For this project I again entrusted all the electrical stuff to my buddy Elektro. It was a bit more difficult for him this time, since the Batsuit/armory Cage requires more lights compared to the batsignal, while having a lot less space to accommodate the circuitry and batteries. But once again he managed to accomplish the task. So props to him.

The Batsuit/armory Cage has the following features:
- High detail level and as accurate as possible to the Batsuit/armory Cage shown in the latest batman movie THE DARK KNIGHT.
- Individually opening doors with stoppers to allow for a range of motion equal to the one shown in the movie.
- Individually movable bottom weapon boxes with stoppers for limited movement equal to those of the real Batsuit/armory Cage.
- Hooks/support bars to hang the HT V1 batman figure.
- Modded HT V1 head to look like a mask.
- Hooks/brackets to accommodate the HT DX02 sticky bomb guns on the front doors.
- Printout weapons for the back doors and the bottom boxes.
- Light up feature.
- On/Off switch.
- Battery powered.
- Voltí-ready, to enable the Batsuit/armory Cage to be powered using the 1mod6 Voltí power up systems instead of batteries.
-Remote control to turn the lights on or off within a distance of 10 meters.

I finished building the first Batsuit/armory Cage over a month ago and it has already been on display for a while in Batman_taiwan’s collection. I’m also already mid way building the second one. The reason I didn’t release any sooner is that the Batsuit/armory Cage was supplied with Voltí-Ready support. Therefore I had to wait until everything related to the Voltí product was ready for release. Sorry for making you guys wait, but I sure hope that the pics make up for that :lol. And thanks to the sponsors for keeping everything in check.

Batman_taiwan has promised to do a review post of the Batsuit/armory Cage, so we definitely have something to look forward to.

When I get a chance, I’ll also be posting the rest of the customs I’ve made before, including:
-TDK batsignal I’ve made at the beginning of 2009,
-TDK Harvey Dent Podium,
-Freddy Furnace,
-and some stuff I’ve never shown before :)

So don't forget to check back soon for new posts.

That’s about it, just click the link below to open the gallery and view all the pics. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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